Physical exercise is good for mind, body, and spirit. Not only that, but sports (especially team sports) are good for teaching accountability, dedication, leadership and more. Given all the benefits of playing sports, it just makes sense to give your body a boost when exercising.

How do compression stockings work when you exercise?

Compression stockings provide graduated compression that is tightest at the ankles and gradually less constrictive towards the knees. They help your calf muscles pump blood through your veins more efficiently. The more blood passes through your veins, the more oxygen and nutrients (such as magnesium and calcium) are supplied to your muscles. This is exactly what muscles need to produce energy and provide power when you’re doing sports.

What does research indicate about the use of compression stockings during physical activity.

Different studies have shown that wearing compression stockings can promote better performance and recovery.

A German study noted that athletes wearing compression socks ran longer and faster during treadmill tests.

Another study, conducted by Dr. John Jakeman, indicated that compression may affect the rate of cellular membrane turnover in damaged muscle following exercise and alter the inflammatory response to muscle damage, accelerating the repair process.

JOBST for legs on the go!

No matter what type of activity you do – walking, golf, tennis or simply busy days on the go – JOBST offers a variety of compression stockings for your needs.

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