Smart Bras, They’re Already Here

They don’t come with a microchip, or bells and whistles. Yet a great bra is the result of advances in intelligent technology and brilliant design. And it will improve your life –without you even knowing it.

Seems like a big claim for that item you pop on every day without a second thought?

Consider this: One of best-selling bra brands in the world, Amoena is dedicated to research. And as a result, it has wowed the design world with patented materials and constructions to provide supreme comfort and optimal support. All without sacrificing the beauty of the bra

Amoena does have a unique advantage. It’s the longtime global leader in post- surgery breast forms and products. So naturally, it applies its expertise in body mechanics, breast drape, and breast skin sensitivities to create bras that “understand” a woman’s body. Now, that’s smart!

Women wear bras most of their lives –but few know how to find the right smart one for them.

Like shoes, we wear bras for most of our waking hours. But the difference is we cast off shoes that aren’t a fit, but we too often get through our days in the wrong bra, as if that doesn’t matter—when it does.

Prince Charming can be thankful that Cinderella left behind a slipper, and not a bra. About 90% of females do not wear the right support. So if the Prince had only Cinderella’s bra as a clue, all female hopefuls in the kingdom would have likely claimed it fit just fine, and worn the wrong bra day in and day out to make their case.

Only an expert bra fitter could have saved the fairy-tale. In fact, this story told through the eyes of an expert bra fitter could offer girls and women more practical and smarter, life lessons. Check this out:

Smart life lessons from an expert bra-fitter

  • Love takes time: Expert bra fitters are matchmakers, of the most important kind. We know every woman is unique. And we know our collections inside out. We look for the right fit between a woman and a bra’s cup shape, fabric, strap and band design, tailoring details, even personality. So allow some quality time, even an hour or so, in our fit-for-a-princess dressing room to let us find you perfect match that really counts.
  • When the fit is wrong, you feel it in your body: 12 to 18 hours in the wrong bra negatively affects you from shoulder to hip. When not properly supported, the weight of breast tissue causes curvature, limiting range of motion for the shoulder, throwing off balance and alignment of the spine. You’ll feel achy and your clothes won’t fall as well. You do yourself wrong when you accept the wrong fit.
  • Support is a multi-faceted thing: For the right support, it matters how your bra fits on your shoulders, across your back, where your arms touch the body, and the center gore between the breasts and how your breast tissue sits in the cup.
  • Don’t play fast and loose: It sounds like it would be easy and comfy, but the truth is a loose bra is far less comfortable than a firmly-fitted one that distributes your weight properly. As well, when a loose bra shifts, it can irritate your breast skin and nipple.
  • Prepare to adjust: Your new bra should fit firmly on the loosest hook. That’s because your bra’s band will stretch, and when it does you can move to the second hook and then third hook adjustment to keep the bra snug.
  • Embrace change: Throw out all beliefs about your cup size. The most common bra size is 36 C, and that’s not the right size for most women! Firstly, sizing is not consistent between brands. Secondly, our bodies constantly change and so too do our breasts. What the label says doesn’t matter at all, how the bra fits is all that counts.
  • Nothing lasts forever: Amoena bras are of the highest quality, made of the best fabrics, but even an Amoena bra must eventually let you down, depending on wear. However, you can extend the life of your bra by handwashing it often (or put in a lingerie bag on delicate cycle) as oil from the skin can break down fabrics. Air-dry only.
  • One love cannot be all things: We all have a bra we love, but we can’t ask that one bra only to serve us perfectly, every day. It is important to alternate bras every day as fabrics need time in between usage to “rest” and regain their properties.
  • We all have different sides to us: No one of us has a true perfect pair of breasts—each one is somewhat different in shape and size. Imbalance is normal. If after breast surgery, or just naturally, imbalance alters your posture, or makes you feel unsure of yourself when wearing certain fashions, we have partial shapers, also known as symmetry shapers, called Amoena Balance Enhancers that are brilliant. And also easy to use for a boost.
  • Enjoy support every minute of your day: It matters. We love that Amoena has excellent built-in support in its empowering active wear and super comfy PJs and loungewear. This means you can take off your bra and still get terrific lift that makes you look and feel beautiful.

Nothing makes us happier than finding you a right match—so you love how you feel and how you look in the mirror. Because we all know, all great love stories start with self-love.

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