SIGVARIS PERFORMANCE SLEEVES are now available in three dynamic new colours – steel blue, blood orange and limeade.

Used by fitness experts, athletic trainers and active people everywhere, SIGVARIS PERFORMANCE SLEEVES are designed to help improve circulation and reduce vibrations on muscles during athletic activity.

The SIGVARIS PERFORMANCE SLEEVES help improve circulation and flush out lactic acid during and after workouts. They are measured at the ankle and calf for an accurate fit and provide 20-30mmHg of graduated compression.

Using innovative textile technology with active people in mind, SIGVARIS PERFORMANCE SLEEVES are designed with a fabric that resists deterioration in salt and chlorine. They are also quick-drying and feature a high-visibility reflective transfer for those who tend to work out at dusk or dawn.

The PERFORMANCE SLEEVE line is available in a variety of fun colours including white, blue, lime, pink, purple, red, steel blue, blood orange, limeade and black.

SIGVARIS graduated compression products are constructed to produce the highest compression level at the ankle with decreasing pressure moving up the leg. This helps to improve circulation and provides relief for tired, achy legs.

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