We’re here for you.

If you now have surgery coming up, we want you to know we can help make your recovery more comfortable.

Many of our clients tell us they wish they had known about recovery care items before their surgery.
That’s why we want to make sure every woman knows ahead of time.

We listed a few key facts below. But most importantly, know that you can always call or email us for a chat.

As fitters, we’re dedicated to helping you at every step of your healing journey, from post-surgery through to recovery. We understand and we care, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

4 facts about our recovery care

1. The Leyla is new post-surgical bra — and it’s excellent! Your surgeon doctor can apply it in the operating room. This post-surgical compression bra comes sealed and hygienically prepared for the operating room.

Leyla was designed by a surgeon. It provides the proper compression to help you heal faster and reduce scarring. And it gives you the most comfort and freedom of movement possible, right from the operating room!

2. You never have to go a day without restored shape. We have a post-surgical breast form, called the Priform that you can wear immediately after surgery with any of our pocketed recovery care bras and camisoles. The form is soft, weightless and gentle to skin. You can come home from hospital with a silhouette.

3. Our post-op bras and camisoles look sporty. To family and friends, it’ll look like as if you’re wearing workout wear. Some of our recovery bras can serve as sports bras when you are ready to exercise.

4. Amoena is the world expert in post-op garments designed to help you heal from surgery. Amoena has been taking care of women’s needs post breast surgery for 45 years. Their expertise and innovation is unmatched.

The Amoena recovery-care line takes into account all of your needs post-surgery so you can heal well and in comfort. Each piece are very easy to put on and take off.

We know, first hand, that it makes all the difference to be well informed. We’re here for you.

We carry the Amoena Recovery Care line and Amoena breast forms that look and feel natural, as well as invisible breast shapers to perfectly fill a bra cup, and truly stunning pocketed lingerie, pocketed active wear and pocketed swimwear.

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