In the spirit of Canada’s 150 – New Ways to Think about Birthdays

Canada’s 150th has inspired us! Imagine if we designed an entire year of celebrating not just the country, but ourselves.

What if every one of us celebrated our personal history, reminded ourselves of what we’re proud of, cheered our acts of boldness, big and small, and declared a vision for our future.

What a transformative year it would be!

And it starts with re-visiting ideas of ageing. It’s standard to think of birthdays as taking us one year further from our youthful self. But why?

Scientists admit age is just a number. If a person doesn’t know how old they are, doctors say there’s no way for them to pinpoint their age.

Science confirms: We’re really only as old as we think and feel.

We can count the rings on a tree to discover how old it is. We can taste the vintage of a wine. But there aren’t any scientific tests, or tricks, to confirm our chronological age.

Cher … it seems we actually can turn back time

In a famous 1981 experiment, Harvard professor Ellen Langer took a group of out-of-shape men in their 70s and 80s on a weeklong retreat at a former monastery. When they arrived, they entered a time warp. The décor, magazines, TV shows, were all from 1959. The men were instructed to think, talk and act as if it was 20 years ago.

The findings shocked the scientific world. The men’s height, weight, gait, posture, hearing, vision, and performance on intelligence tests improved. Their joints showed more flexibility, the fingers were more agile and less gnarled by arthritis.

The same men whom, on arrival, grumbled they couldn’t possibly manage to carry their luggage to their rooms had to be forced to end their game of touch football and get in the bus for the drive home.

Wherever you put the mind, the body will follow,”

That’s the conclusion of endless studies conducted by Professor Langer. Langer is the bestselling author of Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility.

It’s time to turn ideas of ageing on their head.

Experts who study mindset say getting older isn’t about “losing” our youth, it’s about strengthening ourselves.

Take the case of Ruby Hemenway. She was the world’s oldest newspaper columnist when she died at 103. She only started writing at 92.

Or consider Ernestine Shepherd. She started exercising at 56 for the first time. And she went on to win two bodybuilding titles. She was still pumping iron competitively at 80.

The list goes on. Harry Lieberman took up painting at 80. At 100, he signed a contract to produce and illustrate his own folk art calendar.

4 of our favourite fun, easy tips for living agelessly  

Sit less, swim more:  Science tells us sitting is the new smoking –it’s largely why there’s a rise in numbers of people suffering muscle decline, poor circulation, and other ailments. Swimming is an anti-ageing antidote.

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Dance around the room: A lot of us love to dance, but gave it up somewhere along the line. And that’s a mistake, say doctors. Dancing is a proven healing exercise that rejuvenates the body and mind. 

Tip: Our clients love Amoena active wear – even to dance in. Some take dance classes. Others tell us they’ve moved furniture to create a dedicated space to dance—and their kids or grandkids often join in. It’s a great way to make cardio a joy every day.

Pick up a “baton” and pretend to energetically conduct an orchestra: Music conductors live longer than members of any other profession. Waving your arms and making circular motions is a terrific, simple way to get your heart pumping, say exercise gurus. And the music stimulates the brain.

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Encourage the silly side of you: That’s not a whim, it’s a health prescription. Read books that make you laugh. Play charades or games like pictionary with friends and family. Sing in your shower, your kitchen, your car, loudly. “Fun is what keeps you ageless,” insists Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Goddesses Never Age.

Tip: Journal the answer to this question, “What do I dream of doing?”  Wellness experts confirm the brain loves activities that hold promise and excitement –so let your imagination soar. We recommend Amoena’s super cozy leisure wear as ideal dream-time wear –that lets you to still look presentable thanks to built-in support.

This July, let’s celebrate Canada turning 150 — but as for each of us –we’re simply ageless!

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