Amoena Shop May-June 2020 Newsletter


These days, it’s important to be extra gentle with yourself.
To help, we’re offering you 25% OFF our softest Amoena bras for May and June.

These bras are next level comfortable! So kind to the skin, you’ll look and feel great. Perfect for stay at home.

Did you know it’s important to rotate your bras!

Every bra needs at least a day off in between wear to prolong its life. Do you have a bra you love to live in daily?
Look online or call us to order one or two more in different colours for easy rotation.

See all our options on our online store. Or call us. We’re here for you and we’re always your fitter — even if, for now, it’s by
phone or email.

Plus, for limited time, 25% OFF Amoena recovery bras designed for comfort and to speed healing after breast surgery.

Got the blues? 3 fun tips to make life happier and healthier in a snap.

1. Dance with the Stars… in your kitchen. Play music and dance as if the whole world is cheering you on. Doctors recommend dancing as a great cardio activity that releases happy hormones and keeps us younger.

Reminder: It’s still important to wear a sports bra when working out at home to minimize breast movement. Amoena sports bras are top rated for comfort, fabric, and support. Start your day in one, and you’re ready to work out or dance when the mood hits.

2. Pretend to conduct an orchestra. Studies show music conductors live longer than most. Waving your arms and making circular motions is an easy way to get your heart pumping. Plus, music stimulates the brain.

3. Wear a happy top. Research confirms we instantly feel better when wearing flattering clothes made of beautiful coloured fabrics. So switch it up and shed those sweats.

Reminder: Pretty can be comfy! Amoena’s Valletta tops tick all the boxes for happy wear. The adjustable straps and built-in shelf bra let you go bra-less too, and look terrific.

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Stay safe and be well.

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