Mother’s Day Gift: BEAUTIFUL PENDANT with Purchase

This month, drop in anytime to experience something that every woman needs — support and a gift of energy.

As a mother, daughter, friend, sister or aunt, we juggle so many roles and demands. It’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. In honour of Mother’s Day, we’re offering everyone a perfect reminder.

To inspire wellbeing, all month long, receive an eye-catching quartz pendant, free with purchase of any Amoena item. The pendant is exquisitely cut for brilliance, and quartz is said to amplify healing energy and improve stamina.

Plus, receive 10% OFF any Amoena active wear or leisure wear — certain to make you feel great!

Read on to discover how to unlock the energy of this special Amoena pendant and other self-care tips for all moms… and all daughters.

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