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The Day I was Told - Breast Cancer Survivors Share Personal Stories As Amoena fitters, we see a lot of magic happen in our fitting room.  When any woman looks in the mirror and loves what she sees, it’s a joy to experience. And when a woman who has had breast cancer surgery sees herself in a breast form, or balance products, for the first time -- and regains her confidence, it’s a hugely powerful Read More
Show Your Compression Garment Some Love!Feel confident you're keeping your compression garment in-shape with these tips from our Product Team. The best way to get the most out of your Juzo compression garment is with proper care. Here are a few tips: Machine Wash and Dry - Wash your Juzo garment daily to maintain size, shape and therapeutic effectiveness. We designed our garments with your convenience in mind – you can machine was and dry them Read More
Did you know? Options after breast cancer surgery. Pink October is now in its 26th year.  And still, after all these years, many women remain unaware of all the options available to them post breast cancer surgery. This is something we can easily change - simply by sharing a did-you-know with our moms, sisters, aunts, daughters, friends, colleagues!   And we can’t stress enough how great a service you’ll be doing them. As Amoena fitters, we Read More
What’s it like to live 20 years with a Contact Adhesive Breast Form?Find out here… Now in her early 50’s, Beate is a mom, a publicity agent for theatre, a yoga enthusiast and an Amoena model. In 1998 Beate had a mastectomy and she’s worn the Contact Comfort+ adhesive breast form ever since. Always on the go, Beate says she wanted to wear a breast form that she could “forget about”. She lives in Germany Read More
Doctors prescribe exercise for breast cancer patients If you ever needed a little motivation to go swimming, dancing, jogging or working out, you won’t anymore. New research out of Australia gives us so much solid reason to exercise that it no longer feels like a question of choice. The findings prove exercise reduces the reoccurrence of cancer and increases lifespan! Doctors in Australia prescribe exercise as part of cancer treatment, based on the results of Read More
Discover swimwear made for confidence! There’s nothing like gliding through water to rejuvenate our bodies and mind. It’s such freedom to leave behind our phone and to-do list on dry land. But for many women, putting on a bathing suit also means leaving their confidence. And that’s not cool. And that doesn’t happen when you’re in a swimsuit by Amoena.  Here’s why… This summer’s collection features smart styling to address any body issues. The prints Read More
Breast Surprises As expert bra fitters, we know that wearing the right bra matters to your overall health. Just as it matters to be fitted with a breast form or balancer that is uniquely right for your body, post breast cancer surgery. But did YOU know… 1. Wearing a too-small bra can affect your breathing. Often women choose bras too small in hopes of boosting or minimizing cleavage. But when your bra is too tight, it Read More
"The surgical techniques change the requirements" Helmut Wild is responsible for the development of breast prostheses at Amoena. In a recent interview, he explains how wearers' needs differ worldwide and why he initially misjudged the potential of an adhesive breast prosthesis. By Stella Hombach Editor: You have been developing breast prostheses for over 30 years. How has the market changed over the decades? Helmut Wild: Product development is primarily geared to the needs of breast-operated women - and they vary greatly from country to Read More
Physical activity and compression stockings, a winning combination! Physical exercise is good for mind, body, and spirit. Not only that, but sports (especially team sports) are good for teaching accountability, dedication, leadership and more. Given all the benefits of playing sports, it just makes sense to give your body a boost when exercising. How do compression stockings work when you exercise? Compression stockings provide graduated compression that is tightest at the ankles and gradually less Read More
Breast surgery and Self-Image If you are struggling with body image after your breast cancer surgery, we want you to know you are not alone. Officially, about half of women feel like you do. Unofficially, we know that almost everyone who has had surgery has the same struggle. We are here to help. If you (or a woman you know) find it hard to face the mirror, all we ask is you step into our Read More