Amoena Magdalena Soft Cup


Magdalena Soft Cup

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High back fabric and side panels provide comfortable wear and a smooth look under clothing.
Wide, soft straps offer additional support.
Designed in a cool microfibre fabric with an elegant sheen.
Microfibre fabric pockets hold a breast form or shaper securely in place.
Fit Average/Full
Style 0463
Color Nude
Sizes 34-48 B, C, D, DD, DDD
Hooks 4 rows 34-42B, 34-40C, 34-38D, 34-36DD, 34DDD
5 rows 44-48B, 42-48C, 40-48D, 38-48DD, 36-48DDD
Material 54% Nylon, 24% Spandex, 22% Polyester
Bilateral Pockets to hold breast prosthesis or shaper


34B, 36B, 38B, 40B, 42B, 44B, 46B, 48B, 34C, 36C, 38C, 40C, 42C, 44C, 46C, 48C, 34D, 36D, 38D, 40D, 42D, 44D, 46D, 48D, 34DD, 36DD, 38DD, 40DD, 42DD, 44DD, 46DD, 48DD, 34DDD, 36DDD, 38DDD, 40DDD, 42DDD, 44DDD, 46DDD, 48DDD

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